Shipping Tools

shipping tools At AHC Logistics we believe that our customers should have access to the best tools available in order to have the best shipping experience possible. Here are some of the finest tools available online.

Worldwide Measurement Conversions: These are helpful at the moment of measuring your cargo.

Postal Website Office by Country: Here you'll find postcodes of every country in the World.

US Zip Code Search Engine: A compilation of U.S. zip codes.!input.action

Shipper Container Specifications: Here you can measure your container and and view the regulations per freight.

Schedule B Information: Here you can find information about foreign trade schedules by the
United States Census Bureau.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule: Here you can find this year's United States International Trade Commission's tariff schedule.

The Worldwide Time and Day: Information about worldwide time zones. This will help you schedule cargo shipments.

Currency Rates Exchange:Discover exchange rates for major world currencies.

Incoterms® 2010 - ICC International Commerce Terms:
By US International Trade Administration:

Basic Importing and Exporting:
CBP – US Customs Border Protection

Locate a US Port of Entry:
CBP – US Customs Border Protection

World Ports by Country: A list of all the ports you can find per country by World Ports Source.

World Airports by Country: Information about each country's airport codes, sorted alphabetically.

Other Important Publications and Videos:
If you are beginning an importing-exporting business, here you'll find how to start without much hassle:

"A Basic Guide to Exporting":

"Hapag-Lloyd Container Specification":